Friday, September 24, 2010

What A Wonderful World 
*nothing to do
 it shows off the colour!
 Magic Balls
feel the warm wind
seei the Comulous Nimbus

I Same With Them

Soon I will do my regular activities as a student!
I would like to introduce my new friends, of course friends who jointly signed in architecture!

Ehmm, not easy to undergo courses in this faculty. See, I've got work to do, Architectural Drawing lecturer asked us to draw whatever we want pictures. Finally I chose to find photos of buildings on the internet to be drawn back. Look.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"No More Shopping!" Said My Mom

It has been very long since I was busy taking care of my college, pay for development funds, tuition fees per semester, and take care of my lecture attributes. And you shall know that I now can't control myself not to go shopping because I haven't do it when I was busy!
Moreover, last September 11, I celebrate Idul Fitri with my family.There are singers who sing the "Baju baru alhamdulillah, 'tuk dipakai di hari raya, tak punya pun tak apa-apa, masih ada baju yang lama.." Hahahaha!
Before the feast I bought 2 pairs of shoes in Donatello and Biondi, some local shoe store, and some set for Eid clothes in some malls. They are very cute! and the special one is I just get the new iPhone from my mom! It was the best Idul Fitri I've ever had!
After Lebaran, I went to Yogyakarta, and visited Malioboro (again), bought some sunnies and colorful bracelet. There is a store selling traditional arts goods in Central Java, named Mirota Batik. Goods sold are not expensive, really! It only took 50k IDR to buy a box, a pencil, and a sweet bracelet! But I suggest not to go to this place during the days of Eid, because there are crowded by visitors from out of town like me! haha
Then last Thursday I recently bought 2 pairs of shoes from Picnic shop, the shoes are very nice! One pair of wedges and a pair of flat shoes ... Oh I just love it so much!
But sorry before, I have not had time to take photos when I wear it, because I do not have time for that. Maybe next time, sweethearts :)
oh yeah, These are the photos when I accompanied my family to pray ied, in Alun-Alun Batang, Pekalongan, my hometown!

Anyway HAPPY IED MUBARAK, GUYS!!!! please forgive all of my my fault ;)

Be A Guide? No Problem

I got my best holiday in Yogyakarta (again) with my bestfriends few weeks ago!
We went to Malioboro, the cheapest market we've ever seen! Glasses, bracelets, accessories, bags, and many more. And now I just want to show a beautifully ancient place in this town, that is Taman Sari! This place is closed to Alun-Alun Kidul, 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Missing A Vacation

I miss you all :*
For a long time i'v been away to took care my college,and I haven't told you about my experience in my new university..and guess what,i love my college sooo much!
Even the campus is not the best one,the subjects lecturer teaches still amazed me!
Oh come on,many things changed, my haircut, my glasses, and of course my mobilephone!hahaha
Geez, cant wait to show you guys about everything! xP

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Suddenly it makes me stiff

Hello, folks! Pewh! I already missed you all, sweeties!
Okay, this is my late update about my wall-drawing

Geez, it really makes me tired, especially right now I'm fasting, unimaginable how to work with a sore hand.
But well, it's just the first picture and I haven't finished yet, I'll add some pictures again, there are a unicorn, Dinosaurs, dragons, and aliens! hahahaha
Sorry to make you wait, probably within the next week I completed the sketch.Thanks! : *

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Gonna be A Big Big Draw!

Wohoooooo, the holiday's time is runnin' up! I can't wait to meet my new friends at university! But there is something that I should do before becoming a busy student, that is re-drawing my wall! My room has been painted over and all the images I create are also painstakingly removed: (And I need a new atmosphere that makes me a passion for learning.

Well, I just bought the equipments for drawing my wall. Also a box for storing this equipments. Want to know what I figure? Wait a few more days, okay! : D